A Smarter Way to Monitor Peripheral IV Sites

IV infiltrations and extravasations can cause significant damage both for the patient and the hospital.

ivWatch developed an innovative technology to give clinicians an extra set of eyes to help catch infiltrations earlier and reduce patient harm.

No extra information necessary; get access to the full white paper here and learn how continuous monitoring can improve patient outcomes!

Are you Ready to Improve Patient Outcomes One IV at a Time?

Even the most perfectly placed IV can still go bad. ivWatch is always there to detect infiltrations and extravasations at their earliest stages. In this white paper you will learn:

How continuous IV site monitoring technology will enhance your periodic IV checks, helping to reduce risk and minimize patient harm.

What ivWatch technology can do to help prevent lifelong complications for patients.

Why technology that detects infiltrating fluid in as little as 0.2 mL empowers you to provide high-quality patient care.

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Think about ivWatch like a seatbelt. If you knew you could prevent death or serious damage with a preventative measure, wouldn’t you want that level of protection for your patients?

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