Recorded Webinar

The Perfect Legal Storm:

Navigating the Minefield of IV Infiltrations

Russ Nassof, JD

Former AVA Treasurer & Secretary

*Paid ivWatch Consultant*

Staffing shortages are the number one concern for hospital CEOs for the first time in 20 years.1 Nurses at all levels are leaving their jobs and a majority say they have been placed in situations that put their license at risk.2 Are clinicians still able to meet the standard of care with this level of fatigue and stress? 

These difficult challenges present a threat to meeting best practice in IV therapy resulting in increased risk, liability, and potential harm to patients.

About the Speaker:

Mr. Nassof is an attorney who has been involved in the fields of health risk consulting and clinical education for over 25 years, concentrating his work in the areas of infection prevention, risk/liability minimization for healthcare, and environmental risk.

He has presented to legal, insurance, loss control, healthcare, and risk management groups throughout the world including presentations at the CDC and WHO. Mr. Nassof has been involved as a consulting/ testifying expert on numerous high profile environmental events and infection outbreaks.

He has served as both the Treasurer and Secretary of the Association for Vascular Access (AVA) and has been a reviewer on the 2016/2021 INS Standards of Practice. Mr. Nassof received his Juris Doctorate and undergraduate degrees from Emory University in Atlanta.

Areas Covered:

  • How post-COVID staffing shortages and clinician fatigue have impacted IV therapy.
  • Identify IV infiltration/extravasation event risks, liabilities, and how to navigate the minefield.
  • Review the clinical standards and how they impact potential legal basis for negligence claims against the hospital and the clinicians.
  • Discuss real-world legal cases and how technology can help mitigate patient harm, reduce provider liability, and costs.


Who Should Watch:

  • Nursing Leadership
  • Chief Nursing Officers & Executives
  • Clinical Educators
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Director Level & Nurse Mangers
  • Legal Representatives
  • Quality Assurance
  • Clinicians

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*Legal opinions are those of Russ Nassof*


(1) Advisory Board. Hospital CEOs’ Top Concern? Staffing. Advisory Board. Published February 7, 2022. Accessed October 10, 2022.


(2) Llorente E. A staffing shortage is hurting patient care, N.J. Nurses Say. most have considered leaving bedsides. Published September 22, 2022. Updated September 23, 2022. Accessed October 10, 2022.

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