Sensors and Accessories

Delivering Innovative IV Monitoring

ivWatch offers a full range of sensors, accessories, and training tools to help you and your team improve patient safety, reduce liability, and ensure excellence in IV therapy. Our IV solutions integrate seamlessly and are fully compatible to make continuous IV monitoring simple, easy, and efficient.


Your team can’t be in every patient room at all times. With ivWatch, you can rest assured that your patient’s IV status is being continuously monitored, so that you can intervene immediately to reduce patient harm the moment an infiltration or extravasation event occurs.

Can detect a peripheral IV infiltration or extravasation in as little as 0.2 mL of IV fluid, with an average detection volume between 2 and 3 mL.1,2

Are flexible, low profile, and, as a monitoring system, account for patient motion.3

Are compatible with ivWatch Model 400 Patient Monitor.

Are highly sensitive across variations in body mass index and skin tone.

Have been cleared for all age groups.

Work with existing IV dressings and are made from latex free, biocompatible materials.

SmartTouch™ Sensor

  • Single-use sensor cable connects to 12-ft reusable Patient Cable.
  • Breathable and flexible adhesive for next-to-skin feel.
  • Quick, easy placement and securement via a removable adhesive.
  • Sleek, lightweight design for 360-degree flexibility, durability, and comfort.
  • Ideal for small or active patients and longer-term monitoring.

Case of 80 | Part No. 20814088020102

Optical Sensor

  • Reusable 10-ft fiber optic cable for up to 240 hours of monitoring.
  • Quick and easy removal from sterile, single-use Sensor Receptacle.
  • Fiber optic cable is MRI Conditional, Sensor Receptacle is MRI Safe.
  • Comfortable placement and securement.
  • Ideal for shorter-term monitoring.

Box of 10 | Part No. 30814088020048
Case of 40 | Part No. 40814088020045


Accessories and Training Tools

Explore ivWatch’s suite of patient monitoring capabilities.

Extension Module

Extension Module

Enables backward compatibility with the ivWatch Model 400 Patient Monitor. Supports the SmartTouch™ Sensor. Sold individually.

Part No. 00814088020122

Training Sensor

Training Sensor

Used to train clinicians on proper placement of the SmartTouch™ Sensor. Sold in cases of 200.

Case of 200 | Part No. 20814088020614

Training Monitor

Training Monitor

Demonstration software only, does not detect infiltrations. Soft touch buttons simulate infiltration detections for training. Sold individually.

Part No. 00814088020177

Power Brick

Power Brick

Replacement or spare power kits are available for U.S. and International customers. Sold individually.

Part No. 00814088020085 (Type B)


Sensor Receptacle

Sensor Receptacle

Secures Optical Sensor near a patient’s IV site. For use with the ivWatch Optical Sensor. Sold in cases of 200.

Case of 200 | Part No. 40814088020014

Patient Cable

Patient Cable

Reusable. Attaches to the Extension Module to support the disposable SmartTouch™ Sensor. Sold individually.

Part No. 00814088020115

Data Cable

Data Cable

Supports serial communications with external devices. Sold individually or in boxes of 10.

Part No. 00814088020344

For international customers, please contact your local distributor for the respective Part Number in your country or to place an order.

Indications for Use: The ivWatch Model 400 is indicated for the detection of subcutaneous infiltrations and extravasations of 10 cc or less of optically clear infusates, as an adjunctive device to the clinical evaluation in the healthcare setting of adults and pediatrics with peripherally-inserted catheters (PIVs). The device is indicated to assess patients for subcutaneous infiltrations and extravasations but should not serve as a substitute for regular clinician assessment of the PIV site. The ivWatch Model 400 is intended for use by healthcare practitioners who have been trained in the use of the device.


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