SmartTouch Sensor Placement

In a few quick steps, learn how to properly place the sensor and detect IV infiltrations early

Download Additional Resources
White Paper
Learn more about the clinical research
Reference Guide
A bedside reference & troubleshooting guide
Frequently Asked Questions
Top questions asked by clinicians
Model 400 User Manual
Learn how continuous monitoring and detection works
More about Infiltrations
How it Works
See the technology in action! Learn how near infrared light can detect an infiltration early.
Types of Infiltrations
Understand the possible causes for infiltrations.
Patient Voices
Everly’s Story
“She would have come home and essentially looked fine, then all of a sudden she would have turned blue, started losing circulation and been rushed to the emergency room where they wouldn’t have been able to fix her,” Everly’s mom explains.
Barby’s Story
“I was aware of everything going on, I was aware of the pain, I was listening to the doctor talking to the nurses as well as the music playing in the background,” she recalls. “I was so scared because I couldn’t move” she recalls when she woke up in the middle of surgery.

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