We are a dedicated and passionate team focused on our company vision of eliminating patient harm associated with infiltrations.

We are all united by a common mission: to provide affordable and innovative technology to improve the safety of patients by reducing the risks associated with IV infiltrations. Our guiding purpose is to have our technology become part of the IV therapy standard of care.

Why ivWatch?

Message from our President & CEO, Gary Warren

Over the past few years, our company has grown from really a small group of people doing nothing but research and development – essentially an incubator startup type of company – to a company with over 40 people including marketing, sales, manufacturing and clinical teams.

After we received our first FDA clearance, we had to “grow up” and we put in place all the manufacturing and associated systems to be compliant with the laws associated with building medical devices. You can’t do that in a garage. We could have contracted much of the manufacturing out but that didn’t align with our goal of building a real company and solving a real problem.

We have assembled an incredible group of people here at ivWatch and we are always looking to add to this talented group. It is very rewarding to see everyone and everything click to help shipments go out the door. I do get asked all the time what our “exit strategy” is and I can tell you everyone here feels it is the same: Solve this problem. I want to type in “IV Infiltration” into a search engine in 10 years and the horrible images are gone.


President & CEO

Gary Warren

Gary Warren currently serves as president and CEO of ivWatch and has championed the development of non-invasive biosensors that fulfill a huge patient safety need in health care. Starting ivWatch in 2010, Gary assembled a team of leading scientists, clinicians, hospitals and investors to solve a common drug delivery problem of IV infiltration and extravasation. Gary has guided ivWatch through multiple FDA and ISO clearances for this breakthrough technology with ivWatch products now being sold on the international market.

Gary has a multidisciplinary background with a 14-year career as a research scientist at NASA in aerospace and computational fluid dynamics. He departed NASA to start a successful Internet infrastructure company in the mid-1990s and served as CEO until it’s sale to Symantec in 1999. At Symantec, Gary served as a senior vice president and oversaw advanced technologies, mergers and acquisitions and gateway software products. He also served as a member of the senior executive staff. After Symantec, Gary served as CEO for a venture-backed mobile platform company as smartphones were beginning to emerge as a market. After the sale of this company to Oracle, Gary worked for various venture capital companies doing financial analysis and due diligence which brought him to the work being done on IV infiltrations under a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant. Since bringing over the core engineering talent and founding the company, Gary has grown ivWatch to an award-winning brand in health care that is setting a new standard in IV therapy care.

Executive Vice President, Sales and Business Development

Scott Hensley

Scott Hensley leads the sales and business development functions for ivWatch. Prior to his role at ivWatch, Scott held progressively more senior sales roles during his 13 years at Masimo Corporation where he facilitated sales revenue growth year over year. During his tenure, Scott achieved strong sales growth by leading his teams in identifying and implementing sales strategies to convert and standardize hospitals and hospital systems with key products such as patient monitoring equipment, software parameter upgrades, and disposable products.

Vice President, Research & Development

Jaclyn Lautz

Jaclyn Lautz is responsible for oversight of all product development and innovation efforts for ivWatch including directing the engineering teams on the design and development of new products and working across departments to bring new products to the market. Jaclyn joined ivWatch in 2018 from Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) where she was an advisory manager in the pharmaceutical and life sciences operations practice. Prior to that, Jaclyn was ivWatch’s Director of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance and also held several biomedical engineer positions. Jaclyn has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering & materials science from Duke University where she worked with industry partners on new medical devices and treatment strategies for urological diseases. Her work is published in several physics and medical journals.

VP, Manufacturing

John Gahan

John Gahan is responsible for development and maintenance of the ivWatch manufacturing processes. John joined ivWatch in 2016 from Luxottica Optical Manufacturing where he held progressively senior roles in engineering and facility leadership, ending his tenure at Luxottica as Engineering Director.

Previous roles within his 30 years of experience include positions at Baxter Medical and Becton Dickinson where he led automation efforts in manufacturing an assembly process in clean-room environments, and the redesign of manufacturing lines.

Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

Holly Novak

Holly Novak is responsible for ensuring compliance to all applicable standards and leads the ivWatch Quality Management System (QMS). Prior to joining ivWatch, Holly has spent the past 15 years in various roles within R&D, Production and Quality Assurance for products that required both USDA and FDA clearance.

In her most recent positions, Holly implemented and maintained an ISO compliant Quality Management System for a medical device company, and more recently for a global supplier of raw materials that served the pharmaceutical, device, government agencies and university markets. She also played an instrumental role in attaining CE marking for the entire product line for Maine Standards Company, a market leader for linearity and calibration verification products.

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