ivWatch to Attend Key Global Vascular Access, Nursing, and MedTech Conferences This Spring

Company to showcase patented IV safety technology at 2024 conferences; Key opinion leaders, senior executives speaking at IV Therapy Summit, World Congress on Vascular Access

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — March 11, 2024 ivWatch, LLC, the IV safety company, today unveiled its schedule of spring conference exhibitions and speaking engagements, including the IV Therapy Summit in London; LSI USA MedTech Summit 2024 in Dana Point, California; Intravenous Nursing New Zealand (IVNNZ) Conference 2024 in Wellington; Synova 2024 NICU Leadership Forum in Florida; the 8th World Congress on Vascular Access (WaCoVA) in Prague; and Oncology Nurse Society Congress in Washington, DC. In addition, the company’s executive leadership team will be touring Europe from April 15-23 to meet with current and prospective customers and key vascular access thought leaders throughout the region.

Details of these upcoming conferences include:

IV Therapy Summit 2024, Hallam Conference Centre, London/Virtual, March 15

Extended Session: The National Extravasation Toolkit – 10:00

Andrew Barton, National Lead for Extravasation, Chair NIVAS, and Nurse Consultant in Vascular Access and IV Therapy at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, will discuss how to implement the new NIVAS Toolkit he and his team developed; how to reduce delay in recognizing instances of extravasation; ensuring front line clinicians are aware of the risk of extravasation; how to recognize, treat and escalate extravasation injuries; improving practice and driving improvement; and implementing preventative measures.


Don’t Trust the Flush

Registered nurse and ivWatch Vice President of Global Sales, Helen Stephens, will discuss the five causes of extravasations and the dangers clinicians and patients can face when fluid leaking outside the vessel is not identified early. For decades, clinicians and healthcare providers have been taught in traditional training to flush the IV with saline and aspirate for a blood return. These are only sometimes indicators if the IV is good or bad. This session will highlight the importance of continuous IV site vigilance and how technology can play a role in helping to prevent severe IV extravasations.

LSI USA MedTech Summit 2024, Monarch Beach Resort Waldorf Astoria, Dana Point, CA, March 18-22

ivWatch will discuss the importance of early detection and continuous patient monitoring in IV therapy. ivWatch executives will discuss the clinical significance in improving patient safety and provide live product demonstrations on-site.

Intravenous Nursing New Zealand (IVNNZ) Conference 2024, James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor, Wellington, March 22-23

ivWatch will be showcasing its IV monitoring technology at the booth in partnership with USL, the company’s distributor in the market. Product experts, clinicians, and executives will present the full product suite and its capabilities.

Synova 2024 NICU Leadership Forum, Sunseeker Hotel, Charlotte Harbor, FL, April 14-18

Exhibiting for the second year in a row, ivWatch representatives will meet with key members of neonatal administrative leadership roles to discuss the global extravasation epidemic. The company’s IV monitoring technology will be on display at the booth. Product experts and clinicians will provide live product demonstrations and discuss the causes of IV extravasations.

8th World Congress on Vascular Access (WoCoVA), Prague Congress Centre, Prague, April 17-19

Pain is Not an Option: Changing How to Monitor IVs for Extravasations – April 18, 15:15-16:15 in Forum Hall

Andrew Barton will discuss the new National Infusion and Vascular Access Society (NIVAS) UK Extravasation Toolkit he and his team developed as a modern advancement on how to improve patient safety and care for IVs. He will show how hospitals can use this model for developing their own extravasation toolkits. Barton will share a new modern addition and publicly share for the first time the results of a study completed at Frimley Health NHS Foundation on how integrating IV infiltration and extravasation detection technology has prevented scores of potentially serious vesicant and non-vesicant extravasation injuries that they were regularly seeing prior to continuous monitoring technology. Gary Warren, President and CEO of ivWatch, will also provide an overview of the continuous monitoring technology used in the study.


Panel Discussion: Preventing Complications in Neonates and Children – April 17, 13:00 – 15:05

Matheus (Roland) Van Rens, RN, MaANP, NNP, will present evidence of a significant correlation between the occurrence of neonatal PIVIE and lack of IV sensor technology and will discuss process improvement strategies to improve reliable identification and reporting of pediatric and neonatal PIV complications.

Oncology Nurse Society (ONS) Congress,  Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC, April 24-28

Returning to the show for the first time since before COVID, ivWatch experts will educate attendees on the importance of extravasation detection and improving patient safety for oncology practitioners and their patients. Continuous IV site monitoring technology will be prominently on display, and ivWatch experts will be on-site to discuss the dangers of IV extravasations.

To learn more about the ivWatch patient monitoring system for IV infiltrations and extravasations visit: https://www.ivwatch.com/tech-overview/.


About ivWatch, LLC
Founded in 2010 and holding nearly 70 patents, ivWatch developed a first-of-its-kind Class II medical device, cleared by the FDA and CE-marked, that uses visible and near-infrared light and a predictive algorithm to continuously monitor peripheral IVs and aid in the early detection of IV infiltration and extravasation events. These events are common and can lead to severe consequences ranging from dosing errors, scarring, skin staining, nerve damage, amputation, and even death.

The ivWatch patient monitoring system performs over 18,000 checks per hour for signs of IV infiltration and extravasation, notifying healthcare workers of fluid leaking outside of the vein in real time to reduce severe adverse outcomes.

In 2023, the company surpassed more than 30 clinical bodies of evidence. It was also awarded a PM360 Innovative Health Award in the Health-Tech/Non-Consumer category and named a Fierce Life Sciences Innovation Award finalist for medical device innovation. To learn more, www.ivWatch.com.