ivWatch Partners with National Infusion Center Association (NICA)

Award-winning healthtech company joins forces with leading infusion center trade association in furthering awareness of patient safety during IV treatment

Newport News, VA – March 1, 2024 – ivWatch, LLC, the IV safety company, today announced that it has partnered with the National Infusion Center Association (NICA), an independent, nonprofit trade association and accrediting body dedicated to representing ambulatory outpatient care settings where provider-administered biologics and specialty medications are prepared and administered.

In alignment, ivWatch and NICA are partnering with an emphasis on providing innovative and accessible solutions to freestanding infusion centers and their patients. The proprietary patient monitoring technology from ivWatch allows patients to have continuous IV site monitoring during infusions in the comfort and convenience of an outpatient setting.  

“NICA has been the nation’s voice for independent infusion centers for more than a decade, overcoming countless barriers to care and access obstacles on behalf of patients and dedicated to ensuring that the nation’s infusion centers remain a safe, efficient, and cost-effective means of receiving consistent, high-quality care,” notes Brian Nyquist, MPH, NICA President and CEO. “We are excited to have ivWatch on board in 2024 as our trusted partner in helping our industry remain on the cutting edge of patient safety innovation.”

“Infusion centers are on the frontlines of IV patient safety, so this partnership is a natural fit,” says Erin Wendell, chief marketing officer at ivWatch. “It is also a perfect opportunity to work with this fast-growing segment of the healthcare industry in advocating for the increased adoption that a monitoring technology can play in reducing the severity of IV injuries while also mitigating the liability risks associated with IV extravasation and infiltration.”

This partnership comes at a monumental time of global adoption for ivWatch, as the company expands its reach to patients in all care areas that provide essential infusions. The company recently filed for 510(k) clearance for iron-based infusions to better protect patients not only from IV injuries but also the specific lifelong effects of irreversible skin staining that occurs with iron extravasations.

NICA and ivWatch will collaborate on several educational webinars relevant to infusion centers, including the recognition and interventions of early stages of IV extravasations to help promote safer delivery of IV therapy. The company will also exhibit at NICA’s annual conference on June 21-22, 2024, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in Booth 207. ivWatch will be a key participant at the exclusive NICA Infusion Center of Excellence (NICE) Experience, which provides an insider look at the ideal infusion center model. Products and technologies that improve patient care and promote patient safety will be displayed prominently. The event will provide a firsthand immersive experience for clinicians, administrators, managers, and owners. 

About ivWatch, LLC
Founded in 2010 and holding nearly 70 patents, ivWatch developed a first-of-its-kind Class II medical device, cleared by the FDA and CE-marked that uses visible and near-infrared light and a predictive algorithm to continuously monitor peripheral IVs and aid in the early detection of IV infiltration and extravasation events. These events are common and can lead to severe consequences ranging from dosing errors, scarring, skin staining, nerve damage, amputation, and even death.

The ivWatch patient monitoring system performs over 18,000 checks per hour for signs of IV infiltration and extravasation, notifying healthcare workers of fluid leaking outside of the vein in real-time to reduce severe adverse outcomes.

In 2023, the company surpassed more than 30 clinical bodies of evidence. It was also awarded a PM360 Innovative Health Award in the Health-Tech/Non-Consumer category and named a Fierce Life Sciences Innovation Award finalist for medical device innovation. To learn more, visit www.ivWatch.com.

About National Infusion Center Association

NICA is an independent, nonprofit trade association and accrediting body dedicated to representing ambulatory outpatient care settings where provider-administered biologics and specialty medications are prepared and administered. NICA’s efforts are focused on addressing and overcoming challenges and threats to the sustainability of the most affordable care setting for provider-administered medications. Visit www.infusioncenter.org to learn more.