ivWatch Secures Two Coveted Awards in the 2023 MUSE Creative Awards

Newport News, VA, March 15, 2023 – The MUSE Creative and Design Awards have released their lists of winners for their first competitive season of 2023. Hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), the competitions received over 6,300 entries from across the globe, proving themselves to be leading award programs that honor creative and design professionals.

For the 2023’s first competitive season, ivWatch was awarded the Marketing & Promotional – Brochure, Gold award in the competition alongside Branded Content – B2B, Silver award. The work that delivered them this decisive victory was created by the ivWatch internal Marketing team including Sofia Melgunova – Creative Manager, Alex Seiler – Product Manager, and Erin Wendell – Chief Marketing Officer.

“Our talented marketing team is constantly looking for ways to disrupt the sea of sameness in the medical arena and find ways to connect with clinicians to usher in new ideas in patient safety together, said Erin Wendell, Chief Marketing Officer, ivWatch. “Today’s busy clinician expects a superior level of performance and accuracy from the technology they use and depend on as the level of care they provide on the frontlines. By shinning a light on our sophisticated innovation in an interactive and consumable manner, we showcase the practicality and trustworthiness of our technology in a variety of patient care solutions.”

The ivWatch 3D interactive brochure prominently displays a miniaturized sensor that is placed near an IV infusion site to detect infiltrations promptly. If fluid is leaking outside of the vein into the tissue, the monitor notifies clinicians to assess the site.

IV infiltration patient injuries have plagued healthcare since the start of IV therapy and this complex technology is the only system available worldwide to help clinicians detect them early to improve patient outcomes. Clinical data around this crisis is clearly highlighted, but the storytelling for the product required a unique, digestible approach. A custom die cut displays the real 3D sensor – to scale – on every page to help clinicians visualize the application of the sensor on a diverse group of patients – for all ages, sizes, and skin tones. The most common invasive hospital procedure performed needs a solution that is easy to understand and easy to implement.

The MUSE Awards is composed of a series of competitions which are organized to honor excellence from various fields. IAA ensures that these competitions are accessible and fair, in order to guarantee recognition only goes to those who truly deserve the accolade. Out of the numerous applicants from 15 countries, the competition settled on 51 jurors. These highly-respected professionals are held in high esteem in their respective industries and are affiliated with renowned organizations in the creative and design industries.

To learn more about the MUSE Creative and Design Awards visit: MUSE Creative Awards / MUSE Design Awards.