ivWatch Patent Portfolio Surpasses Milestone of 60 Grants Worldwide

The company validates, strengthens, and protects its unique IV infiltration detection technology

Newport News, VA, June 7, 2022 – ivWatch, LLC, the inventor and manufacturer of the only continuous IV site monitoring technology, announced today it more than doubled new patent grants in Europe and Israel. The company’s robust patent portfolio has expanded to over 60 patents around the world protecting its core technologies and reinforcing its commitment to current and future innovations. The medical device technologies work as a monitoring system to notify clinicians in real-time of an IV infiltration or extravasation, which helps reduce patient harm and improve outcomes in IV therapy.

ivWatch sensors use visible and near-infrared light to measure changes in the optical properties of the tissue near a peripheral IV insertion site. Audible and visual notifications are provided through a patient monitor when changes consistent with IV fluid leaking and pooling in the tissue adjacent to the IV site are detected. ivWatch has two sensor solutions – a reusable optical sensor cable for short-term monitoring and a miniaturized, disposable sensor designed for small or active patients. The proprietary algorithm mitigates the effects of tissue blood volume changes due to patient motion, allowing patients to move around freely during monitoring while limiting the number of false notifications.

The national validations of European Patent Numbers 3545827 and 3563758 cover the ability to differentiate between patient motion and the presence of an infusate in the tissue. In addition, European Patent Number 2844316 and its validations cover adhering the fiber optic sensor to the patient’s skin with a receptacle. Each of these European patents are validated in the following nations: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Israel Certificate of Patent Number 234599 covers the geometry of the sensor heads for both the optical and the electronic systems.

ivWatch was granted their first FDA clearance in 2015; prior to ivWatch, there was a severe absence in support and tools for clinicians to detect infiltrations at their earliest stages. Clinicians could only rely on tactile examinations of IV sites with minimal ability to see if fluid is leaking outside the vein under the skin. As clinicians are pulled in a variety of directions and continue to experience high levels of fatigue, the use of ivWatch in addition to periodic IV checks to detect infiltrations is becoming more and more imperative. The reality of only relying on periodic monitoring of IV sites is that if an infiltration is not caught at its earliest stages, it can lead to patient harm such as tissue necrosis, amputation, scarring, nerve damage, and medication dosing errors.1,2

“IV infiltrations and extravasations do not discriminate when it comes to geographical borders or the type of infusion, however, our technology has the opportunity to transform IV therapy universally,” said Gary Warren, President and CEO of ivWatch. “These new patents strengthen the depth of the company’s patent portfolio and demonstrate our strong overall commitment to protecting our innovations. Our patents speak to the power of our product engine, our engineering techniques, and validate our unique technology and the global opportunity.”

While the proprietary algorithm is very complex and took decades of research, development, and clinical studies, the ease of use for clinicians is incredibly user-friendly and seamlessly integrates with current IV practices and protocols. ivWatch technology is currently used in healthcare facilities worldwide and is ambitiously expanding its operations, increasing its adoption rates, partnering with distributors globally, and gaining additional regulatory approvals in key parts of the world. A strong strategic patent portfolio is critical for all medical device companies’ growth and success. To learn more about the company and its IV site monitoring solutions, visit www.ivWatch.com.

About ivWatch, LLC
ivWatch, LLC  is a biosensor technology company focused on improving patient safety and the effectiveness of intravenous therapy. Our dedicated and passionate team is pioneering the use of optical sensors to detect adverse IV events early to minimize the risk of injury caused by infiltrations and extravasations. By using this technology, clinicians can leverage continuous monitoring to help identify infiltrations as early as possible. Our innovative IV site monitoring solutions are backed by decades of clinical research and device development. To learn more, follow us on Twitter @ivWatch, Facebook @ivWatchLLC, and LinkedIn @ivWatch-LLC, or visit  www.ivWatch.com.

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