ivWatch Partners with The Janz Corporation to Provide Access to Continuous Patient IV Monitoring Solutions

Janz to serve as the government supplier in the United States of ivWatch technology to increase availability to patients

Newport News, VA, April 7, 2020 – ivWatch, LLC, the market leader for continuous IV infiltration and extravasation detection technology, today announced that The Janz Corporation, a leading distributor of medical equipment and services, can now offer exclusive distribution of the ivWatch technology to the government. This new partnership provides access to continuous IV site monitoring solutions to patients in the federal government healthcare network. The first-of-its-kind technology provides early detection of inadvertent leakage of fluid or medication from the vein into the surrounding tissue and is the only FDA cleared device gathering and analyzing infiltration data from tissues around IV sites.

As hospitals manage the influx of patients due to COVID-19, Janz recognizes the essential role that the ivWatch technology can provide when addressing the pandemic and how hospitals are responding and innovating to keep patient safety at the forefront. With the focus on conserving personal protective equipment and distancing clinicians from exposure, the continuous monitoring of patient IV sites can help in the reduction of IV related injuries and drug dosing errors in this critical time.

“Janz is the perfect catalyst to bring our breakthrough technology to patients in the federal government healthcare network to collectively aid clinicians in monitoring an IV site, even when they are not in the room,” said Gary Warren, President and CEO at ivWatch. “We share a mutual commitment to innovation, and together we are steadfast about providing access to IV monitoring solutions to more patients and to our commitment to delivering a higher level of patient safety.”

“We are excited to showcase our unique partnership between ivWatch and Janz, as the first major distributor in the United States for the ivWatch innovation, so that we can improve patient outcomes together,” said Rick Finsterbusch, CEO of The Janz Corporation. “Going well beyond a typical supplier relationship, we look forward to collaborating with ivWatch and the entire team for the betterment of patient safety and continuing the movement to raise awareness around early detection and the risks related to IV therapy.”

IV therapy is the most common invasive hospital procedure worldwide and according to recent medical reports, more than 20% of IVs that fail do so because of infiltration.1 IV infiltrations and extravasations are major issues that can lead to serious medical complications and even amputation. The ivWatch technologies continuously monitor a patient’s peripheral IV for evidence of infiltrations and extravasations. Early detection of those failures via ivWatch sensor technology helps to minimize injuries associated with this common complication of IV therapy.

Janz is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and was the first corporation to put a Durable Medical Equipment facility on foreign military bases around the world. With this new partnership, patients throughout the federal government healthcare network will now have access to the most advanced technology to detect an IV infiltration event early.

1Helm, R. E., Klausner, J.D., Klemperer, J.D., Flint, L.M., and Huang, E. (2015). “Accepted but Unacceptable: Peripheral IV Catheter Failure.” Journal of Infusion Nursing, 38(3), 189-203.

About The Janz Corporation: 

The Janz Corporation is a medical solutions and service provider to the Federal, VA and US Military healthcare market. Janz, founded in 1999, is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Janz’s corporate office is in Columbus, OH.

About ivWatch:
ivWatch, LLC is a medical biosensor technology company focused on improving patient safety and the effectiveness of intravenous therapy. Our dedicated and passionate team is pioneering the use of optical sensors to detect adverse IV events early to minimize the risk of injury caused by infiltrations and extravasations. By using this technology, clinicians can leverage continuous monitoring to help identify infiltrations as early as possible. Our innovative monitored IV solutions are backed by decades of clinical research and device development. To learn more, follow us on Twitter @ivWatch or Facebook @ivWatchLLC, or visit www.ivWatch.com.

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