In the News: ivWatch CEO on ‘The Future of Healthcare’

CEO, Gary Warren, discusses how his personal patient journey and years of professional leadership led to ivWatch's movement to improve patient safety.

ivWatch President and CEO Discusses Improving Quality of Care

ivWatch President and CEO Gary Warren was interviewed for the series “Future of Healthcare,” to analyze what improvements must be made to deliver better care at a lower cost. Warren reviews his own patient journey and how the ivWatch company mission became personal. The questions posed are responded to with an overview of the challenges when creating a market for a new medical technology, and the rewards of extending the ivWatch technology to more patients by starting a patient safety movement within hospital walls.

He closes with how improving drug efficacy is a matter of life and death for the critically ill or injured patient. Read the full Medium/Authority Magazine interview here.

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Meet us at NICA | June 21st - June 22nd | **BOOK TODAY**