In the News: ivWatch Detects IV Infiltrations and Extravasations

The editors at Medgadget interview Gary Warren, CEO of ivWatch. to discuss the science behind the FDA cleared IV infiltration detection technology.

The editors at Medgadget set the stage for an interview with Gary Warren, president and CEO of ivWatch, by reviewing many of the recent company milestones; FDA clearances, patent grants, manufacturing operations and world-class customers. Within the interview, Warren explains the IV infiltration landscape and the company’s mission to improve the level of quality and patient safety through early detection of these events. The interview goes on to discuss at-risk patient populations, innovative hospitals who are champions for IV assessment improvement, and the need for greater awareness of the risks associated with the procedure. The interview concludes by touching on the science behind ivWatch biosensor technology and the efforts the company is making to set the new standard of care for IV therapy. Read the full interview here.