ivWatch Intellectual Property Grows with Three International Patents


ivWatch recently had 3 patent applications granted by the Japanese and Australian Patent Offices expanding the company’s intellectual property portfolio.

HAMPTON, Va., February 8, 2018 – ivWatch, the only provider of continuous monitoring devices for the early detection of peripheral intravenous (PIV) infiltrations and extravasations, recently had three patent applications granted by the Japanese and Australian Patent Offices expanding the company’s intellectual property portfolio.

“Today’s healthcare marketplace is growing increasingly competitive with the introduction of new devices and technologies, so we must continue to build on our successes in this space by protecting our innovations,” said Gary Warren, president and CEO of ivWatch. “Our philosophy regarding intellectual property is to aggressively protect our proprietary technology to expand our product portfolio and develop licensing opportunities with strategic partners.”

Granted Japanese Patent Application No. 2015-553708 is for a core technology regarding the geometry of ivWatch sensor heads – for both the fiber optic and electronic systems – which has secured ivWatch’s position as a first, and only, technology of its kind in the market. Optimal light angles and distances of the various sensor parts allow the technology to detect infiltrations with high sensitivity to aid healthcare providers in an early diagnosis of these most serious events during intravenous (IV) therapy.

Granted Japanese Patent Application No. 2015-510267 is for a second core technology regarding how an ivWatch sensor head adheres to and is secured on a patient’s skin. These appliances, more commonly known as receptacles, may be independent of the dressings that cover infusion sites during IV therapy or may be integrated with those dressings. The granting of these applications comes just months after ivWatch entered into a licensing and distribution agreement with Terumo Corporation helping to advance patient safety in Japan and on a global scale.

Australian Patent No. 2013316021 is directed to a third core technology for mitigating the effects of tissue blood volume changes. The Australian patent corresponds to U.S. Patent No. 9,326,686, for solving motion issues related to continuous PIV therapy monitoring. The patent is directly related to the ability of the ivWatch Model 400 to reduce the number of “false” notifications helping combat an epidemic of clinicians becoming desensitized to alarms, many of which are false or clinically irrelevant.

These new grants are in addition to the two patents already in ivWatch’s intellectual property portfolio, which also includes numerous utility patent applications. This portfolio gives ivWatch the right to prevent others from making, using or selling our products in the U.S. and major international markets.

There is a rapid demand for breakthrough technology as more healthcare facilities focus on value-based care to lower costs and improve patient safety and satisfaction. IV infiltration and extravasation is a major problem as it can lead to serious medical complications and even amputation. The ivWatch Model 400 continuously monitors a patient’s PIV for evidence of infiltrations and extravasations, which occur when medication or fluid leaks into the surrounding tissue. Early detection of those failures via ivWatch biosensor technology helps to minimize injuries associated with this common complication of IV therapy.

About ivWatch:
ivWatch, LLC is the leading medical device manufacturer and biosensor technology company focused on improving patient safety and the effectiveness of intravenous therapy. Our dedicated and passionate team is focused on our company vision of eliminating patient harm caused by infiltrations and extravasations. Through our innovative monitored IV solutions, we help minimize the risks associated with adverse IV events. Follow us on Twitter @ivWatch or Facebook @ivWatchLLChttps://www.ivwatch.com/

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