Fierce Biotech Covers ivWatch $14.8 Million Funding Round

Amirah Al Idrus covers ivWatch's $14.8 million round of funding in an article titled "ivWatch snags $14M+ for IV monitoring device." Read More.

by Amirah Al Idrus
Jun 9, 2017

ivWatch, which markets a device that continuously monitors patients receiving intravenous lines, raised $14.8 million, which will boost its marketing and “strategic partner” activities.

Most hospital patients are given an IV line that delivers nutrients, fluid or medication. But the failure rate due to infiltration, or leakage, is estimated at more than 20%, according to ivWatch. Leakage of fluid or drugs into the surrounding tissue could result in complications as serious as tissue necrosis and amputation. Read the full article.

Original post published in FierceBiotech on June 9, 2017.