ivWatch visits St. Vincent and the Grenadines, World Pediatric Project

ivWatch to help deliver quality critical care during the World Pediatric Project's recent mission to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

June 30, 2016 – Hampton, VA – ivWatch provided its Model 400 devices that continuously monitor IV sites for the early detection of infiltrations to World Pediatric Project for their recent mission to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

World Pediatric Project (WPP) sends more than forty-five surgical and diagnostic teams each year to provide critical-care health services in a variety of disciplines to children in the Caribbean and Central America.  In a single trip, the teams can provide care and treatment for up to 100 children or more depending on the specialty.  Between June 19th and June 21st, a WPP neurosurgery specialist team of doctors and nurses evaluated and treated 54 patients and provided 6 children with critical surgical care.

“Partnering with companies like ivWatch allows us to better achieve our mission to deliver access to quality, critical care to children regardless of geography,” stated Susan Rickman, CEO of World Pediatric Project. “ivWatch stepped in and was very supportive in providing their devices as well as a team member to travel with the devices. We are looking forward to working with ivWatch on future missions.”

Dr. Brian Clare, who serves on the Executive Board of World Pediatric Project and is the Chief Medical Officer at ivWatch, facilitated the conversation between the two organizations.  “Being involved with both of these organizations, I knew their missions complimented one another,” stated Dr. Clare.  “Just as WPP believes geography doesn’t have to be the reason a child lives or dies, ivWatch believes that every patient should have access to technology and devices that will improve patient safety.”

“It was an experience of a lifetime to be a part of this mission,” Marilyn Bowers, ivWatch Clinical Manager commented.  “The compassion of the volunteer medical team, World Pediatric Project, the entire St. Vincent medical staff, and the people of St. Vincent was something I will never forget.”

On this most recent mission to St. Vincent, ivWatch provided the WPP team with their Model 400 devices to help monitor the IVs of the pediatric patients that were designated candidates for surgery and through their recovery.

“This device is definitely a game-changer and much needed in developing countries,” stated His Excellency Sir Frederick Nathanial Ballantyne, G.C.M.G, M.D., D.Sc., and current Governor-General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Marilyn Bowers was able to capture the mission through photos.  More details can be found on the ivWatch website.   For detailed information about World Pediatric Project, visit their website at www.worldpediatricproject.org.


Headquartered in Virginia, ivWatch, LLC is a medical device company focused on improving the safety and effectiveness of intravenous (IV) therapy. Our technology aids clinicians by continuously monitoring a patient’s IV, providing early detection of IV infiltrations – when medication or fluid leaks outside the vein into the surrounding tissue.  Because peripheral IVs are one of the most common invasive medical procedures performed in the U.S. each year, and current medical reports indicate the failure rate of IVs in excess of 20% due to infiltrations, ivWatch has delivered an FDA-cleared device in order to address this unmet need.  For more information, please visit ivwatch.com or call at 1-855-489-2824.


World Pediatric Project is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization founded and based in Richmond, Virginia, that provides surgical and diagnostic care to Central American and Caribbean children while creating and implementing programs to heal the children of tomorrow.  This mission is accomplished by mobilizing hospitals and teams of generous pediatric specialists, who volunteer their time and expertise to help thousands of children who need critical care, yet have no access to it in their home countries.  With the volunteer help of these dedicated doctors and nurses, World Pediatric Project brings children to partner hospitals in the U.S. and sends pediatric diagnostic and surgical teams to developing countries. Thousands of children have received direct services since 2001. For more information, go to www.worldpediatricproject.org or call WPP at 540-282-8830.



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