ivWatch, LLC Receives 2016 Virginia Governor’s Outstanding STEM Award for Science Innovation

ivWatch, LLC will be honored for their innovative device that provides early detection of IV infiltrations and can help reduce patient harm.

Williamsburg, VA – ivWatch, a medical devices company, is one of five recipients to receive a Virginia Outstanding STEM Award granted by Governor Terry McAuliffe’s office. ivWatch will be receiving the STEM Award for Science Innovation on February 25th at an event to be held at the Science Museum of Virginia. The STEM award honors professionals and business that have made significant contributions to science.

ivWatch is being honored for their ivWatch Model 400, a device that continuously monitors a patient’s peripheral IV for the early detection of infiltrations – when medication or fluid leaks outside the vein into the surrounding tissue. Peripheral IVs are one of the most common invasive medical procedures performed with over 300 million IV catheters sold in the U.S. annually. Yet, current medical reports peg the failure rate of IVs in excess of 20% due to infiltrations which can cause drug delivery errors and patient harm. To address this unmet need, the dedicated ivWatch team delivered an FDA-cleared device in 2015. The ivWatch Model 400 includes a noninvasive sensor that uses near-infrared light to detect changes in the optical properties of the tissue. The sensor is coupled to a highly intuitive pole-mounted patient monitor. The device will notify clinicians if conditions suggest an infiltration, allowing them to address the issue early to reduce patient harm. The ivWatch Model 400 represents a new option for medical professionals – a continuously monitored peripheral IV – that can reduce costs, risk, patient harm and medication dosing errors.

The ivWatch Model 400 is backed by 16 years of research and development in areas that include photon/tissue interaction modeling, signal processing algorithm development and optimization, user interface research and design and extensive clinical testing. Gary P. Warren, CEO of ivWatch and former NASA Engineer says “The depth of science behind the ivWatch product line is truly amazing. For a small company, our research and associated intellectual property in this area rivals anything I have seen coming from large companies, universities or government labs. We have an incredible team of talented people here and are honored by this award.”

ivWatch was also the winner of the Governor’s Virginia Velocity Competition in September 2015 for the best bio-science business plan.


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