The Future of IV Safety Today

Continuous IV Site Monitoring for Real-Time Infiltration Detection

Continuous IV Site Monitoring for Real-Time Infiltration Detection

Almost a quarter of IV failures are due to infiltration, which can lead to tissue damage, compartment syndrome, and drug dosage errors, if not detected early.1 At ivWatch, we understand that you can’t always be in the room. Even hourly checks can miss the early stages of IV infiltration, when patient harm can be significantly reduced. That’s why we continuously monitor your patient’s IV status to catch infiltrations early, improve patient outcomes, and help you provide the highest level of care every time. Discover how your team can advance patient safety and create a new standard of care today with ivWatch.

The ivWatch Monitoring System

Your goal is to provide the best care for your patients. ivWatch is here to support you with an IV monitoring system so your team can:

Reduce Negative Patient Events

Improve Response Times

Enhance Workflow Efficiency

Prioritize Patient Intervention

Decrease Liability

Overcome Communication Barriers

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Patient Voices

“We look forward to collaborating with ivWatch and the entire team for the betterment of patient safety and continuing the movement to raise awareness around early detection and the risks related to IV therapy.”

Rick Finsterbusch
The Janz Corporation

“Interoperability provides significant value to health care organizations with improvements in safety and efficiency. We see a great opportunity to enhance these benefits through our relationship with ivWatch.”

Matthew Hutchings
ICU Medical
Vice President of Marketing & Innovation, Infusion Systems

“We’re ready to expand on the market excitement as we usher the ivWatch breakthrough technology movement to our large network of Canadian clinicians. Our deep market expertise combined with adding this innovative product to our portfolio complements our mission of providing the safest medical devices with the highest industry standards to patients throughout the country.”

Michael Solomita

“We’re eager to help institutions meet their health care visions by offering the most advanced technology allowing better patient outcomes during IV therapy.”

Babu Kupparayil
Sedeer Medical
Managing Director


1 Helm, R. E., Klausner, J.D., Klemperer, J.D., Flint, L.M., and Huang, E. (2015). “Accepted but Unacceptable: Peripheral IV Catheter Failure.” Journal of Infusion Nursing, 38(3), 189-203.