Advancing patient safety in infusion therapy and vascular access

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ivWatch, LLC is a medical device manufacturer focused on improving patient safety and effectiveness of intravenous (IV) therapy through early detection of peripheral IV infiltration and extravasation events.

IV infiltration
The Story

Peripheral IVs:
A Common Procedure with a Common Problem.

An infiltration is the leaking of fluid or medication in the tissue surrounding the vein when an IV fails.

Hospital patients get an IV
Current IV failure rate1
IV failures due to Infiltration1
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The Need

Patients largely unaware of the risks.

IV Infiltration
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IV Infiltration
The Solution
IV Infiltration

A continuous monitoring solution to aid in the early detection of peripheral IV infiltration to ensure accurate delivery of medication and reduce drug dosing errors.

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The Product

Introducing the ivWatch Model 400

This continuous monitoring device notifies providers of a possible IV infiltration and extravasation event.

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IV Infiltration

“Early detection of IV infiltration is key to improving patient safety. The ivWatch Model 400 provides that capability through continuous monitoring of the IV site. ”

Jason Naramore
Chief Technology Officer, ivWatch, LLC.

“I believe this will be a paradigm shifting technology, causing a dramatic reduction in the frequency and severity of infiltration injuries that we see.”

Gregory J. Schears, M.D.
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Physician Liaison for the Nurse PICC team at the Mayo Clinic, Chief Clinical Officer at ivWatch and chairman, ivWatch Advisory Council